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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is Latte much more inexpensive than other wedding photography studios?
    While other studios aim to increase their prices, we work twice as hard to keep our fee low. We would rather book 20-30 weddings a month than make the same commission on 4-8 working for less fun couples. Price and Value are not the same in our industry, we will gladly put our work up against any photographer of any price to show why ours is comparable or superior. Our background was in shooting weddings for thousands more in the past using the same techniques and resources as we do every weekend for $2400.  
amazing wedding photography
What is No-Limit Photography?
    We do not count or limit the number of photos we take at your wedding. It truly is your event which determines the outcome. Most weddings average around 1200-1400+ images.  
amazing wedding photography
What travel is included, what might I expect to pay more for?
    We include the travel for the wedding day when they are local. If you are located outside of our normal operational area or your wedding is out of the local area, a moderate travel premium may apply to offset the costs of fuel and time. We encourage you to let us know if unsure, we are flexible and very reasonable in our travel fees. We don't make money on travel, just help to cover the costs.  
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How consistent is your 2-week turnaround for weddings?
    Post-production of your wedding photos is a full-time process in our studio. We have teams working on your photos to see them completed in a timely & beautiful manner. While 2-weeks may seem fast compared to what other firms will promote, each wedding receives a minimum of 12-20 hours of post-production. Over 2000 weddings in the past 14 years, each got their photos back in less than 2 weeks.  
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Does your package really include 12 hours of coverage?
    Yes, we expect to be involved in your wedding day for up to 12 consecutive hours for each photographer.  We want to be involved from your preparation right through to the end of the key moments of your evening up to 11pm. Not every couple uses the full 12 hours, but it's there if you need it.  
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Why do I have to pay tax?
    As a registered business operating in Ontario we record and pay taxes on all revenue generated by our firms operation.  It is important to recognize that conforming to these tax laws protects our clients.  A private individual or other photographer whom is not a registered business or does not submit their taxes cannot be held legally responsible to you, regardless if a contract exists. Most photography companies do not pay taxes and as such provide no legal protection to you.  
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Where else can I hear about Latte Productions Photography?
    Our firm has had the honour of working closely with for more than 10 years.  The Wedding Ring is both a magazine as well as an online resource for couples to locate serious and dedicated wedding vendors. Since 2013, we have been nominated and maintain the status of Top Vendor, a decision made by real brides.  We have shoot for CBC, BBC, and our work has been internationally recognized. Our firm is an award winning studio for the past 7 years with The Readers Choice KW and works with clients of all types. We continue to maintain our Better Business Bureau rating of A+ and are a BBB Accredited Business.

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