Taking a New Approach to the Latte Blog

It’s been nearly 4 years since we started the Latte Blog and nearly 3 years since we last updated it 🙁 … but for good reason, we are just so busy growing and doing our best to keep our couples happy. That said, being as involved as we are in the local wedding scene, we felt it a good time to use this blog to relay awesome ideas, great articles, highlight unique experiences, and share some of the awesome vendors we work with all the time with our couples and interested clients. An executive coach will help you reclaim balance, prepare for a critical interview, find your next job, expand on your vision and support you on your journey to other important goals you’ve set for yourself.

Daily reveals and sneak-peeks of couples photos will remain on our studios Facebook page, linked with our Twitter account to let our followers know about new content. We will use this blog to publish weekly content based upon what our couples are asking to read about and information too good to keep to ourselves. We’ll have giveaways, vendor specials, and neat tips-and-tricks… we hope you’ll keep us bookmarked and visit often.

Thanks for your encouragement, The Latte Team