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About Latte Productions Wedding Photography

Latte Productions was formed more than 15 years ago with the prime directive of providing wedding photographers with a resource to perform their post-production for them. We also shot weddings for nearly twice what we charge today. Back then we observed a large number of high-priced wedding photographers producing low to moderate results. While we have since noticed little change in the industry, our firm evolved to become Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, and the surrounding areas fastest booking wedding photography firm.

12 Years ago Latte Productions Wedding Photography became the official new direction of the firm. Having performed a minimum of a wedding a weekend, the firm grew quickly and now maintains 16 wedding photographers, the same photographers that have been with our firm for years. With so many teams all operating with equal capabilities for our couples, our firm is able to accommodate the current 150+ weddings a year being booked and performed by our studio.

Latte brought into the region the very first true No-Limits approach to wedding photography, and we continue to offer the same no-limit 12 hour coverage by 2 primary photographers to this day. An approach that guarantees coverage results while allowing the days schedule to remain your own. While over the years we have seen many other firms try to mimic this approach, when Brides-to-Be do their diligence they quickly notice that it's only with our firm that they receive an average of 1200-1400+ resulting images, and in record time too.

Our firm only performs wedding & engagement/anniversary/family session photography. For Latte couples, this is a great benefit as they receive a specific and specialized wedding photography experience on their big day. Latte couples don't have to be concerned that a studio focused approach will be taken for their wedding day.

Hire a "Wedding" photographer not an "Anything" photographer

Latte Productions Wedding Photography maintains a full-time post-production studio in Downtown Kitchener where their teams spend every weekend shooting weddings and every weekday digitally processing them. Our studio is a full time operation, not a weekend warrior approach, and as such we can accommodate meetings during the daytime, evenings, or many weekends. Serving Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and the surrounding region, we have had the great honour of working with some of the most amazing couples just like yourselves. From grand televised weddings to small civil services, we've covered them all and with results that far exceed our couples expectations. We've done everything we can to keep our prices accessible. We know that our package price is way undervalued compared to the results... we know because we once shot weddings for thousands more with identical outcomes. We keep our prices low through volume and a sensible approach that our couples LOVE.

In an industry where every wedding photographer looks like they offer the same service on paper, varying results in their photos, and wildly imaginative pricing... we stand behind our firms results, maintain the lowest fee we can manage, and strive to provide you the very best we can offer. Our competition hate us for it, but our couples love it and so will you!

Make an appointment to meet with us. It won't be a waste of your time. 9/10 couples that meet us end up booking with us and we aim to be as transparent as possible. All communications are responded to within hours unless we have a camera in our hand or overnight. Be sure to download the wedding package info on the package page to take to your photographer meetings so you can compare our offerings to those of other options out there.